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Life can be beautiful, but it is also challenging and painful at times. To be human is to face difficult decisions, to suffer loss and grief and to experience a whole variety of emotions. Facing up to problems can be daunting, overwhelming and also isolating. It might not always feel possible to talk to family or friends about certain issues. If this is the case for you, coming to talk to a professional counsellor in a safe and private environment might be helpful.


Perhaps you have experienced a painful or traumatic event recently, or maybe you are aware that you have experiences from your past which you have not yet dealt with? Are you feeling overwhelmed with emotion at the moment, or struggling with a stressful situation? Perhaps you are feeling a little ‘lost’ right now, or are holding back from living life to the full? Maybe you are aware that you have developed patterns of behaviour, habits, or coping strategies which no longer reflect how you want to live your life?


Counselling may be of benefit for these issues and more. My priority is to offer a warm, safe and non-judgemental environment in which you feel able to explore your experiences and emotions, and feel heard and understood.


You might find that during this process you:


- Develop new self-awareness

- Develop greater clarity about your experiences, thoughts, feelings or behaviour

- Feel able to express yourself more fully, or become more in touch with your emotions

- Feel more able to cope with problems or worries

- Develop greater acceptance and compassion for yourself

- Feel empowered to make fulfilling choices

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